Problem with using the Unblock Youku

I need help to unlock YOUKU I have tried for a day but unsuccessful.

Past: I used the proxy : and it works well but after I update to Youku HD it cannot work anymore.

I tried to use the Unblock Youku in CHROME but I do not see the blue icon to ADD TO CHROM.


Youku HD uses ip direct connection and pac seems not working anymore. Also, mobile version of Chrome does not support desktop add-in.


Thanks for you reply.

Any way of getting around it.

I have add the CHROME add on to my PC but still can see the video it still say

Can you tell me how to use the CHROME ADD ON


The add-in is for chrome only, not for desktop apps

Can u teach me what can i do in order to be able to access the site to warch

Getting VPN ???